Ox Gallstone (100 Gram)


Ox Gallstone (100 Gram)

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Product Name: OX Gallstone
Collor: Mix
Origin: Australia, Brazil, Hungary
Source: Cattle
Packaging: Custom



Our OX Gallstones for sale are of high quality, after extracting the gallstones from the cattle’s intestines there are washed thoroughly with cold water to remove blood clots, impurities etc.

After washing they are dried for two to three weeks in a dark and well ventilated environment at a temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius.

The stones have to be moved regularly for better drying and to avoid them sticking at each other. After full drying the stones are packed in hermetically sealed bags.

Quality and classification
Highest demand is for stones with the following features:
yellow golden orange colour;

stones with low specific weight;
large stones;bili rubin content not less than 35%;
There is a demand for dark stones as well, but prices are considerably lower however.

Ox Gallstones for sale

Additional information


100%, 90%, 80%, 0% (Powder)

4 reviews for Ox Gallstone (100 Gram)

  1. Charles

    excellent quality.

  2. Lau

    质量很完美。 谢谢。

  3. Manon

    Product is as described, dryness and enough moisture content perfect.

  4. Segun omoni

    Hi bro I need cow gallstones you got any for me

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